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6 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas for Free

On the surface, Las Vegas seems like the kind of tourist destination that requires visitors to
spend lots of money just to make the trip worthwhile. While there are plenty of amazing–and
expensive–attractions for people with deep wallets, especially on the Strip, Las Vegas is home
to a variety of free activities that are just as entertaining for those on a budget. These places
are the perfect destinations for you to show off your custom Jeep rental and get a good feel for
Sin City beyond gambling and pricey shows.
Want to visit Las Vegas, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg while you’re here? Here is a
list of the 6 best things to do in Las Vegas for FREE (or almost free). No more breaking the bank
out on these neon streets–just good, old-fashioned entertainment that can be enjoyed without
reaching into your pockets.

1. Seven Magic Mountains

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This first destination is a little out of the way from the Vegas area. Seven Magic Mountains is an outdoor art exhibit by Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone located about 10 miles south of Las Vegas. These seven colorful rock spires present the perfect photo opportunity and are right next to Jean Dry Lake, so have fun and make sure to go kick

up some dust in your custom Jeep rental while you’re out there (but not too much, we always encourage safe driving practices so please be careful and DON’T DRIFT).

2. Pinball Hall of Fame

Vegas Jeep Tours -Heather Mckean We Ah3Xnnbm Unsplash

This is the one item on this list that isn’t really free, but it’s so cheap it might as well be. One of the lesser-known gems of Las Vegas is our Pinball Hall of Fame, newly located on the Strip right across from the famous Welcome to Las Vegas sign. Once you get your obligatory Las Vegas sign pictures, head over to the Pinball Hall of Fame and enjoy one of the largest collections of vintage pinball machines in the world. With free entrance and games ranging from just .25-$1, all you need is some loose change to have a blast.

3. Fremont Street Experience

Vegas Jeep Tours -Zachary Kadolph Hz41Yi9C0S Unsplash

Worried that you’re not going to get the true Vegas experience without emptying your wallet? Don’t worry, the Fremont Street Experience is still free to enter and gives you a great taste of the old Vegas spirit. While you do have to pay for any drinks, food, or activities like the SlotZilla Zip Line, there are plenty of interesting things to see without spending a single penny. The Fremont Street Experience is home to a host of very unique busking acts, shows, and lights to keep you occupied as you make your way down this rather eccentric piece of Las Vegas history.

4. Container Park 

Vegas Jeep Tours -Kenny Eliason Cpp9L0Uool4 Unsplash

Drive your Jeep rental downtown to the Downtown Container Park on Fremont Street. The Container Park is an open-air shopping center filled with exhibits made entirely out of recycled storage containers. If you do happen to have some money to spend, there are tons of businesses, boutiques, and unique restaurants to choose from. If not, no worries! Between the recycled exhibits, live entertainment, and unique shops to window shop in, you won’t be bored. Take your Jeep rental for a spin downtown and enjoy some eco-friendly displays.

5. Flamingo Exhibit at the Flamingo

Vegas Jeep Tours -Gislane Dijkstra 6Pzwntsiafa Unsplash 1

That’s right. FLAMINGOS. If there’s one thing Vegas hotels love, it’s committing to a theme. The Flamingo Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip has a totally free wildlife exhibit featuring its feathery pink namesake. Drive your Jeep rental to the center of the Strip and enjoy a stroll around the Flamingo’s wildlife exhibit featuring a host of exotic birds, fish, and even some turtles.

6. Shelby Heritage Center

Vegas Jeep Tours -Brian Matangelo S2H5Zjmhtt4 Unsplash

Considering the fact that you’re here reading this on our custom Jeep rental site, it’s probably safe to assume that you have at least some interest in automotive vehicles. The Shelby Heritage Center, named after the famous race car driver and automotive 

designer Carroll Shelby, is a free exhibit featuring over 30 vintage Shelby muscle cars. Self-guided tours are available for free during normal business hours and private behind-the-scenes tours can be purchased if you want a closer look at the company’s impressive vintage designs and history.

These 6 attractions are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to free things to enjoy in Las Vegas. Want to explore all the free and cheap destinations available in Sin City? Come on down to Vegas Jeep Tours for an epic ride that will get you where you want to go in style. Our fleet of custom Jeeps, Slingshots, and more will make traveling between destinations an attraction in itself with thrilling open-air rides and awesome off-road capabilities. Book your custom Jeep rental today and see all that Vegas has to offer!


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